• Cosmedix Harmonize Microbiome Moisturiser 53g

Cosmedix Harmonize Microbiome Moisturiser 53g



Harmonize is a Microbiome Boosting Moisturizer that is specially designed to help restore a healthy microbiome and balance the complexion.

This multi-tasking moisturizer is powered by a nourishing probiotic that quenches the skin with hydration by helping to improve the natural moisture barrier.

Featuring an age-defying blend of plant and fruit extracts, Harmonize helps protect from environmental stressors, soothe the skin and encourage a smoother appearance with daily use.

    • Boosts the skin’s moisture barrier function for long-lasting hydration
    • Helps balance the look of the complexion
    • Soothes dry skin and helps protect from environmental stressors
    • Apply to freshly cleansed and toned skin, both morning and night.
    • All skin
    • Barrier impaired
    • Environmentally stressed skin
    • Ageing Concerns
    • Vitis Vinifera, Zingiber Officianale and Boswellia Serrata - Age defying blend of fruit and plant extracts that help protect skin from environmental stressors and soothe a blemish prone complexion
    • L-Bisabolol - Helps soothe skin while visibly revealing a smoother appearance
    • Lactococcus Ferment Lysate - Nourishing probiotic that helps support the skin's microbiome, improve barrier function and strengthen the skin's natural defense.